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United States

I love Duncan a little too much

Pokemon is my heart and soul

YouTube is literally all I do with my life.

Just some furry weeb cosplayer, who takes photos on the side.

I'm not good at art but I do art anyway.



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The day was young and the sun was shrouded by just the right amount of clouds. It wasn’t too blindingly bright, but it wasn’t too dark and gloomy either. It was just right, and it was the best day EVER for a Pie Sister Surprise Swap Day! Pinkie Pie was even more jittery and excited as usual as she made her way out of Ponyville and down to the train station. Step 1; To pick up her little sister Marble Pie! Pinkie hopped aboard the express and was fidgety the entire way to the rock farm. She bounced off the train to meet her sister with a beaming grin. She was shifting on her hooves just inches away from her shy little sister.

    “Marble! Marble! OH my gosh Marble!!!” She jumped a circle around her sister as she spoke. “Are you ready for our super amazing Pie Sister Swap Day hiking through the Macintosh Hills?!”

    The grey mare shifted her hooves and looked down at the ground. “Mmhmm.”

    Pinkie let out some form of an excited screech as she grabbed Marble and yanked her onto the train. “Ohhh I’m so excited~” She hummed, shifting in her seat, bumping Marble in the side; who, in return, gave Pinkie a small smile.

    Pinkie sure was lucky she brought some snacks for the train ride- having stuffed a dozen cupcakes into her saddle bag which she ate along the way. She did offer one to Marble, but the pony softly declined, shaking her head. “Oh well! More for me!” She beamed, chomping down on her tasty treat, her gaze shifting from her sister, to the window and at the view before her…

    They could see the hills outside the train car windows, in mesmerizing swirls of warm colors. The pink pony was slack-jawed, looking at the wisps of clouds that blanketed the mountain tops. She was so excited, so so so excited. With an ear to ear grin, Pinkie looked over at her sister, who remained reserved, and, rather stoic. But there was a glimmer of excitement in her lavender eyes. Pinkie led them off the train, bouncing all the way, and Marble trailing behind.

    “Come on slow pokie~ We’re gonna have such a good time today! Are you excited? You look excited. I’m excited.” Pinkie laughed, her unruly mane bouncing along with her walk.

    Marble followed along, keeping the pink ball of energy in her sights. “Mmhmm”




            The two mares spent the day together hiking through the rolling mountainsides of Macintosh Hills. The view was beautiful, and the walk was calming and relaxing- even for Pinkie, who found herself swaying as she walked to the sound of the rustling leaves and chirping birds. Even staying in step with her sister, who often walked slow, and evenly paced. That- isn’t to say Pinkie didn’t get overly excited at the drop of a hat.

            “Ohmygosh! Marble! Look at that!” She squealed, rushing ahead to a rock, with no discerning features. “Doesn’t this look just like a miniature version of Holders Boulder?!” Pinkie gasped, rummaging through her bag to find the camera she brought, to take some pictures during their day together. “Come on, let’s take a picture!” She motioned her hoof for Marble to join her.

            Skittishly, Marble came forward to sit on the other side of the moderately sized rock on the ground. Pinkie held the camera in front of them, her other arm wrapped around her little sister’s shoulder. “Smile!” As she snapped the picture and the flash went off, Pinkie eagerly awaited to see the developed photo. “Ohhh I think this is gonna look so good!” She grinned, as she put her camera, and the photo back into her bag. “We’ll look at it later when it’s all developed~ I can hardly wait!” She giggled, looking to Marble, who responded with a gentle nod.

            Their day continued as such, wandering through the trail of the hills, until they reached their final destination- which outlooked all of equestria. Pinkie Pie grinned and pulled out a picnic blanket, laying it down on the grass. “Ohhh! It’s so pretty!”

            Marble sighed softly, settling down on the blanket next to her sister. “Mmhmm…” The younger looked out at the view, the sun sitting perfectly on the horizon, with hues of yellow and orange that blended seamlessly with the earthy reds and coppers of the mountains.

            At this point, Pinkie couldn’t contain her excitement. “Mmmm! Marble are you ready for the best Pie Sister Surprise swap?!” She exclaimed! At this, Marble stifled the smallest of chuckles.

            “But we have to sing the song, first, DUH!!! How could I almost forget!?” Pinkie bonked herself on the forehead, as she hopped up and started dancing around her sister.

            “It’s the Pie Sister Swap Day Soooong!” Pinkie sing-songed, stopping right beside marble, looking at her with eager eyes….

            “Mmhmm…” The Mare replied, hiding her face just a bit, but Pinkie didn’t seem to notice as she excitedly sat back down and pulled the present from her bag and sat it in front of her sister. Marble did the same; now each presented with the other’s gift.

            Marble silently tore at the packaging- so gently, and carefully, before going ahead and opening the box. Her eyes widened, slightly, looking at its contents.

            Pinkie smiled, sincerity in her expression. “Your mane is always covering your face, silly. I got you the clip to push it out of your eyes…So I can see you smile!” She grinned, taking the little barrette- adorned with grey and red marbled stones- and clipping it into Marble’s mane, revealing the light in her eyes, and her shy- yet thankful smile.

            Pinkie then returned to her present, haphazardly ripping the wrappings open and lifting the lid on the box. She let out an overly exaggerated gasp. “Whaaat! Marble! You got me Candy MARBLES?!” Pinkie beamed, dumping the glass candies out on the picnic blanket with her mouth agape and her eyes shining with happiness. “This is the bestest PSSSD present ever! Thank you, Marble!” She sat the box down and gave her sister an adoring smile, before quickly coming to another realization. “Ohmygosh! Lets look at our picture!” Pinkie tore through her bag to find the photo, setting it down between the two of them. “It looks so good, doesn’t it?” She asked.

            Marble instinctevly went to brush her mane from her eyes to see better- only finding that she didn’t have to, thanks to her present from Pinkie. “Mhmm…”

            When she heard Pinkie sigh, she looked over, to find her sister comfortably laying on the picnic blanket, popping one of the crunchy marbles into her mouth. “This was one of the best Pie Sister Surprise Swap Days ever, don’t you think?” She asked, looking out at the now setting sun.

            The younger of the two looked up at the sunset herself, giving a nod of agreement. “Mmhmm…” 

Pie Sister Surprise Swap Day with Marble Pie
A little drabble I did a few days ago for a friend. I wanted to share it somewhere! I also submitted it to FiMfiction, but it hasn't been approved quite yet, so I'm patiently waiting for that ^^ I hope you enjoy!


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